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The name's Mila. I'm 19 years old and a goofball to end all goofballs. Finally made a Tumblr because I've been lurkin' in my Lerkim long enough and it's high time I joined the Onceler fandom~~~


Oh tee pee

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I wanted to get in on the genderbent swoncest because first of all it is HOT and second of all I always picture girl One rockin a short haircut so I wanted to share that with the world but then I lost all my willpower so have a sketch, I might finish this sometime~

Also I bet ya didn’t know I could draw in a more “realistic” cartoony style WELL HERE YA GO~


time to tend the garden

posts oncelers when every1 is asleep….

maybe no one will notice.

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back2back buddies

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-dies- <3

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So I saw this guy at my college the other day wearing a shirt like this

And it made me think swag should wear one

wow everything makes me think of oncelers these days

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wow this is rEALLY PLAIN AND MESSY im sorry ahaha

clearbay suggested i’d draw viking onceler riding a dragon which is yes, do want haha. stereotype viking look because of reasons. 

one of these days i’ll actually figure out how to draw dragons

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i really hate this? 

but i love it

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the smoocher of zombies: tenzen: Oh god I just followed like three Once-ler blogs and I have no... ›



Oh god I just followed like three Once-ler blogs and I have no idea what’s going on and is there like an explanation list of once-lers what the hell did I get myself into

It’s like, I follow one Once-ler and then

Lemme help you out here

Here’s a masterpost of nearly…

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Excuse you.

Eheh here’s the colored version.  I am really…terrible with color okay.  Idek how light sources and shading work and it’s really embarrassing. u_u;;

Lovely ladies are the genderbent versions of Swag Onceler and Oneler. They’re quality askblogs run by pretty cool individuals - I’m pretty sure this was so fun to draw because their AU Oncelers have so much personality~

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